What if you could go from less to YES?

You know that something’s off.

You might have heard about this body positivity thing. But you’re not sure how pictures of slightly chubby models dancing around in their underwear has anything to do with you.

You know you’re actually pretty healthy — but good luck getting anybody else to see your bigger body as anything other than diabetes waiting to happen.

All those diets that are supposed to make you happier and healthier have only made you miserable (not to mention fatter).

And lately, the same crazy thought has kept popping up in the back of your mind … what if you’re not the problem? And what if you’re right?

I’m Tiana, and I’m here to prove that you are right.

Today, I’m Tiana a fat Health Coach. But before I was all that, I was Tiana the frequent dieter. Like many women, I got the message early and often that my body was too large to be acceptable. I tried lots of different things: I counted, I weighed, I portioned, and measured and detoxed. I lost weight and gained it all back plus some. But like so many other dieters, I started focusing on my “health” and making lifestyle changes, even though this was just a better sounding way to be on a diet and lose that damned weight.

So I went to see a health coach who I thought had all the answers. Though I didn’t get any smaller while working with her, I did find out that I had a passion for nutrition. I went on to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and started my practice. I quickly realized that while helping people learn to eat more greens and take a walk once in a while was all well and good, my heart wasn’t really in it.

I felt insincere when I gave my clients advice or applauded their dieting efforts and goals, because I had never achieved lasting weight loss myself, and hated the idea of doing what was necessary to do so.

A smaller body always meant less for me. Less food, less freedom, less enjoying things I enjoyed enjoying. And I was tired of selling the idea that expanding your world required you to carve so much out of it.

And that’s why I work the way I work, with the people I work with. I’m not going to tell you to count calories, but I will help you figure out a way to do the things that really count, no matter your size.

I’m not going to passive-aggressively shame you for not partaking in the running, the official sport of “healthy people”. Instead, we’ll find your healthy, whether that’s pole dancing or rocking the hell out of some chair yoga.

We’re not going to talk about lists of “good” and “bad” foods, we’re going to talk about how you can make the healthiest possible choices –– and how sometimes that choice might be cake. (Really.)

Because ultimately, health isn’t about the size of your body. It’s about how you function in that body, how you fuel that body, and how you feel about that body.

Are you ready to find out what healthy looks like for you?

It all starts with One Beautiful Yes 

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