The Perceived Absence of a Sign IS a Sign

The Perceived Absence of a Sign IS a Sign

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard my stomach growling. And that could be for many reasons such as I am often drinking plenty of water and that I tend to graze instead of having meals on days I’m working from home. Yet, it might actually be that...

When Failure is Actually a Win

There’s a slew of clichés about how when one door closes another opens, essentially propping up a disappointed you or I by promising hope. But I do (even if reluctantly) have to say there is sometimes a kernel of truth in every cliché.

Fat, Pain and Tolerance

Fat, Pain and Tolerance

When we live with pain in our lives, not the type that ebbs and flows, but the type that stays with us, day in and day out, never causing too much strife, staying below the level of intolerable, we learn how to make it normal. We stop sensing the danger that it indicates because it hasn’t really inconvenienced us just yet.

Reframe Rejection, or It’s All in Your Head

Have you ever asked as question or made a request of someone and really wanted “yes” to be the answer? Have you ever had the answer be something else other than yes? Have you interpreted that other answer as a gentle, or not-so-gentle, rejection? This...

This Is Your Real Life

Being in an insulated (isolated) environment where someone is basically preparing all of your food for you makes eating healthily dead easy. After my week-long raw fast retreat where I experienced exactly this, I am feeling the challenges of reintegrating into real...

Why Isn’t Obesity Research Better Known?

Because this is a super good question that requires an answer. The research is out there, contesting the “exercise to lose weight” and “lose weight and stay thin” mentality, but few people have heard of it. Education is always the key to ending...