Hey all. I am soon going on vacation. You see, like most human beings, I need a break. But if I am completely honest with myself, I am really just taking a break from taking a break.

What do I mean by that?

Well, basically, just that I’ve been procrastinating like hell on many things that I’ve needed and wanted to do all in the good name (read: excuse) of “I need to take a break.” 

My vacation is akin to getting up off the couch and taking a stretch break after finishing a full season of some show during an internet TV binge-watching session. We weren’t very productive for the last 10-or-so hours, but we need a change.

Strange parts of the body were getting numb.

So in the name of honesty, I can try to face myself, kindly, and think about what I really need this break from.

Answer: Disappointment. Frustration. Impatience. Stagnation.

Why all of that? 

Because, dude. Just because.

Because I want things to move faster than they are. I want stuff to go my way. Yesterday! Last Month! NOW NOW NOW!!!

I feel like I’ve been beating my head against the wall over some things but not making any forward, productive progress. 

I need a detox… from my current life.

Sometimes a change of location can really renew the mental and spiritual flow.

Lemme tell ya, I really need one of those.

So I’ll try to keep writing while I’m gone. (I find it cathartic to share this stuff with you all.) But I can’t promise regularity. (insert joke about dietary fiber here)

Thanks for spending your time with me. Talk with you soon!