Tiana Dodson

Body Liberation Facilitator

Assemble the tools you need to live your best fat life.

Group Read Bites

A 10-day practice of deeper reading, community building, and self exploration for a more liberatory future for us all.

Hi there! I’m Tiana Dodson.

I’m a fat body liberation coach and facilitator co-creating the syllabus for liberation.

You’ve gotten off the dieting roller coaster. You’re getting used to navigating the world in your fat body. Now you’re wondering what comes next.

How do you get deeper into your journey? How do you find folks on the same path? And how do you get all your friends, family, and the rest of the world on board?

Come join me in creating a world where all bodies are welcomed, difference is celebrated, and ways to meet the needs for every body is completely normal.

Fat freedom is learning to live fully with and in our fat bodies.


Together we can break down the intersecting systems of oppression that affect us all.


Working toward fat liberation makes space for every body.


Choose how to start your body liberation adventure below.

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