Hey y’all. I’m really loving having company while I do this podcasting thing. So much so, that I invited another fabulous fat friend of mine to come sit by the digital [read: pretend] fire and chat.

We got into some deep discussion about growing up together in fat business, how our paths changed due to motherhood, and our parallel journeys into queerness. This conversation was one that I thought I was ready for, but it definitely took me to some places I found that were still tender. Our discussion sat with me for quite a while afterward. Maybe it’ll do the same for you.

Either way, I hope you enjoy listening in! 

The Liberation of Bringing Together Fatness, Motherhood, and Queerness: A Conversation with Kristy Fassio

by Tiana Dodson

Photo of Kristy Fassio

Kristy Fassio is a therapist and a mom living in a queer, fat body. She navigates the eating disorder world holding space for the complexities that come up when the stories we were told as kids don’t quite line up with the lives we want to live as adults. Kristy believes that we always get to rewrite our stories, that every part of us needs to be listened to, and that there isn’t much a little Disney magic can’t cure.

You can find her online in the following places:

Instagram: @redheadfatlibwarrior or @fireflycounseling