We’re doing something different with this one…

We had a guest!!!!!!!!!

If you’ve been loving my short and sweet episodes, this one’s definitely breaking the mold. It’s 45 minutes of giggling, truth telling, mind blowing, and more giggling. Y’all we had such. A. Good. Time!

So settle in for a long one where Mikey and I dig into the dissonance between having a culture that celebrates through food and its fatphobia, the importance and significance of the language we use, and Mikey’s critical analysis and vision for justice in healthcare provision for fat folks.


A Vision for a Better Healthcare Future for Fat Folks: A Conversation with Mikey Mercedes

by Tiana Dodson

Photo of Mikey Mercedes

Marquisele Mercedes is a writer, creator, and doctoral student from the Bronx, New York. As a Presidential Fellow at the Brown University School of Public Health, her work focuses on how racism, anti-Blackness, and fatphobia have shaped health care, research, and public health promotion and training. She is passionate about using public scholarship in various mediums to make science and research more accessible to those outside of academic institutions, as well as reshape interventions at multiple levels to make the world safer for fat people of color. She writes frequently on Medium about fat politics and race/ism in the sciences and culture, often with a particular emphasis on the public health space.

You can find her online in the following places:

Twitter: @marquisele
Instagram: @fatmarquisele
Website: marquiselemercedes.com
Patreon: patreon.com/marquisele