Continuing on the theme I have decided to declare “Deep Ass Conversations Had Because I Have a Podcast,” I recorded with another guest!

This one is a part 2 of a chat started months earlier that was too good not to keep it going.

Come sit with us as Patrilie and I discuss the politics of food, the experience of looking back at your younger self, and being biracial and all the challenges that come with it.


Going Deep into Food, Race, and Fatness: A Conversation with Patrilie Hernandez

by Tiana Dodson

Photo of Patrilie Hernandez

Patrilie Hernandez, MS (she/they) has over 14 years of professional experience working in the health and nutrition sector as an educator, advocate, project manager, and policy analyst. She combines her academic background in culinary arts, anthropology, and nutrition/health, with her lived experience as a large-bodied, neuroatypical, queer multiracial femme of the Puerto Rican diaspora to disrupt the status quo of the local nutrition and wellness community and advocate for a weight-inclusive health paradigm in educational settings. Patrilie currently works with the DC early childhood community on nurturing and educating young children who are confident in their relationship with food, their health, and their bodies in addition to being the founder of Embody Lib, a platform that helps people of the global majority reclaim their health and wellbeing. In her spare time, she likes cooking for others, looking at the moon, and spending time with her fiance and her chihuahua..

You can find them online in the following places:

Instagram: @the_bodylib_advocate

Twitter: @embodylib
Clubhouse: @the_bodylib_advocate