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An Introductory Support Community for Body Liberation

Diet Culture is everywhere. It’s in the fucking water.
Hell, it even dictates how much water we drink.

And that sucks.

Everywhere you look, everywhere you go, everybody you know is talking about losing weight, getting “healthy,” eating to boost their immune systems, and the latest and greatest way to eat to get thin… even in a pandemic.

Commiserating about diet failures, lamenting the things we wish we could be eating but can’t due to our diet du-jour, and comparing amounts of weight lost and gained are acceptable default topics of conversation.

So you’ve chosen to stop taking part in all of it. You’ve decided to say no to allowing your body to be the punchline and the punching bag. You’ve embraced the idea that there can be more to life than this.

When you dare to opt out of the life of restriction, rating foods as ‘good’ and ‘bad,’ and talking negatively about your body size, it can feel like you’re the only person on the island.

Being lonely like that, in addition to “social distancing” makes it really tempting to just get back on the dieting bandwagon so you can feel included during Zoom lunch breaks.

And that’s not even to mention the little voices inside your head that are telling you that choosing not to diet is “giving up.”

Or the “before and after quarantine” memes that are shaming you for how your body could change due to stress response.

Or the judgment you feel when people glance, not-so-covertly into your shopping cart, even though they’re 6 feet away.

Or the hesitation you feel when you’re standing in front of the fridge wanting a snack to soothe your nerves because you “know you shouldn’t.”

These feelings and experiences were already present prior to the global pandemic and now everything feels, and is bigger, worse, and more acute.

In this extraordinary time, where fat and other marginalized bodies are more vehemently under attack and being deemed unworthy of rescue and care to make way for those assumed to be “healthier” and having “good quality of life,” banding together is absolutely necessary.

You need community.

You need support.

You need the companionship of people invested in your survival.

If you’re someone who lives in a fat body and struggles with being in partnership with that body, trusting that body, or accepting that body, I invite you to join me in the Fat Freedom Foundation: An Introductory Support Community for Body Liberation. A space for healing. A space for community. A space to be heard. A space free from the pressures of a thin-obsessed, fat shaming society.

The Fat Freedom Foundation is a virtual space led by me, Tiana Dodson, Body Liberation Coach. 

I’m a fat, queer, biracial, parent, and certified holistic health coach who’s out to destroy the belief that you have to be skinny to be happy and healthy.

I’ve been fat my whole life. And with that, negative body image, constant dieting, and the work I’ve done to find my way into partnership with my own body as a base, I guide feminine-of-center people to reconnect with their bodies, destigmatize fatness, and learn about the harms of health being a measure of worth.

I’ve been doing this work and focusing on these issues for the past several years as someone suffering these same anxieties and access limitations. This is what makes me well practiced at finding grace and space in my own life using my  resourcefulness and creativity. Let’s work together to find that for you.

What’s In The Box

During our time together in the Fat Freedom Foundation, we’ll be gathering weekly, on Saturdays at 1pm Eastern for 90 minutes in our virtual space to share about our experiences and needs, fears and desires as complex fat, marginalized people in the face of the current global pandemic.

What evolves from there will unfold as we build community during these unprecedented times.

As we co-create this space free from diet culture programming, you’ll be introduced to my 4-Step Framework for Body Liberation. In our calls, I’ll be focusing the first two steps: education and reframing. However, we’ll also discuss step 3, self care and resilience building, and step 4, advocacy, whenever they come up.

Education helps us because in order to get free of diet culture, you must first understand how it has pervaded your everyday life. Diet culture is part of the ecosystem of how you think about your body, food, movement, and more. And you can’t fight against a system you neither know nor understand.

Reframing is necessary because once you have started to see all the ways you’ve been taught to think and speak in the language of diet culture, you will need to learn a new language. That’s why it’s important to learn new ways of being and thinking about your relationships to your body, health, and beauty that help you move toward partnership with your body.

These tools will help us create a shared space where we can gather with and for each other, while I facilitate the conversation, hold the space, and nurture the group.

I provide resources, prompts, and guidance when necessary. You take and apply what feels doable for you.

I come here as a leading learner, basically someone who is doing the work and navigating the world in a fat body just like you. You come with what you’ve got. 


Together, we create an Us that is supportive for each other through our challenges and toward being in partnership with our bodies. 

Membership is open, so you can join us whenever you’re ready.

Your Investment

In an effort to be sensitive in this difficult time, I am asking you to make your monthly investment as a payment from the heart. That means you choose your price by checking in with yourself about what you have to offer, what is sustainable for you, and what feels right in order to be in this relationship with me.

I also have needs to sustain on my end because doing this work is neither free nor easy. What that means is that I have created several different price points that help me continue to bring my work to the world. No tier differs from the other as far as content or access is concerned, it is simply a sliding price scale to accommodate you and your financial situation.

So, first, I want you to make the conscious choice to take part. You get to choose if this is for you by imagining yourself being supported in this way and what possibilities may come from it. And if that feels good, then come join us!

Now comes your action step. Here is where you take an honest look at your financial situation and feel into what the best, realistic monthly contribution for you is. Whatever that number is, I’m not going to judge or question it. I trust that your contribution is made in good faith and I can’t wait to welcome you into the group!

Don't want to take part in the program but want to support someone else?

That’s great! Community care is a key part of building resilience for all of us. If you’re interested in donating toward the subscription of someone who cannot pay please do!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know this space is for me?

Basically, this is for you if anything I said above totally resonates. But to be more specific:

You know this is for you if you’re ready to get off the dieting bandwagon but are having trouble doing so, know that you need guidance to get you moving in the right direction toward body acceptance, and want to surround yourself with like-minded fat positive friends to boot.

What if I'm not fat?

Not a problem!

This space is fat-centered, which means that though my message is for any and everyone who wants to work toward body liberation for themselves and others, people in larger bodies will be given the most attention.

This doesn’t mean you will not be able to ask questions or participate.

This only means that fat people will have priority in this space because making space for the most marginalized of us makes more room for all of us.

I'm in recovery from mental health issues and/or an eating disorder. Is this space safe for me?

First, it’s important for you to know that I am not a mental health or medical professional. I endeavor to stay in my lane and refer out when I am not.

However, this space is virtual and flexible, which means that you are given the runway and trust to take care of yourself.

If you have specific questions, email me at tiana@tianadodson.com. Let’s chat.

What kind of accessibility options are offered?

All meetings will be hosted via Zoom, a video conferencing platform. You will need internet access in order to attend the calls with your computer or mobile device.

However, if internet is not available in your area or at the time of the calls, Zoom provides both local and toll free phone numbers so that you can call in to meetings.

If you need closed captioning or screen reader support, please let me know in advance by emailing me at tiana@tianadodson.com.

Calls will not be recorded.

What if I can't make the calls on Saturdays at 1pm Eastern? Will calls be recorded?

In order to respect the privacy of group members, calls will NOT be recorded.

Thus, if you just can’t make it for whatever reason, you will simply miss the call. You are, however, welcome to come late and leave early if that works for you. 

For right now, I’m only offering calls at the stated time. That may change if needs or situation arise and group members will be notified in advance.

What is your refund policy?

Though I ask each member makes at least a 3-month commitment to the program so that we each get a chance to both be a member of and co-create the community, there is no requirement for you to stay any specific length of time. Your payment is made monthly and you can cancel at any time, so no refunds will be made.

However, if you have further questions, please email me at tiana@tianadodson.com.

I don't want to take part in the program but want to support someone else. Can I do that?

Yes, absolutely!!!

Community care is a key part of building resilience for all of us. If you’re interested in donating toward the subscription of someone who cannot pay, click the link here to make a donation in an amount of your choosing.

I have a question that wasn't answered here. Help!

Still got questions? No problem! Send me an email at tiana@tianadodson.com. Let’s chat!