Fat Freedom Moments

A Moment of Body Liberation in a Day Full of Diet Culture Nonsense

You’re cruising through your day, everything’s fine, and then, BAM! There’s that chair in the waiting room you can’t avoid that you know is going to invade your personal space and leave both your thighs and ego bruised.

You finally found a moment to microwave those yummy leftovers for lunch, and then, KAPOW! Somebody in the breakroom is hinting really hard they’re better than everyone because they started the latest and greatest juice cleanse.

You’re out with your faves, having the best time strolling down the boardwalk, and then, BOOM! You make eye contact with your reflection and you freeze mid-laugh when you see that new post-pandemic under-chin roundness.

These are the kinds of trips and slips that can halt you in your body liberation journey. But you don’t need to stay there.

Because sometimes you can find the joy in a snug-fitting jean that makes you strut that much harder and your hips swing just right.

Whether you’re sliding into shame spiral station or frolicking in your fabulous new swimsuit, Fat Freedom Moments are that delicious disruption in a day full of diet culture.

Because you need a reminder.

A reminder that the worship of thinness, restriction, and 6am spin classes isn’t all there is.

A reminder that you’re making it happen, that something else is doable, accessible, and possible… and that you can continue to do it.

What are Fat Freedom Moments?

Fat Freedom Moments are little weekly reminders for you to feel into or return to your body liberation practice, your power, and yourself delivered directly to your phone via text message.

No need to check your email, sign in to anything, find that social media profile, or remember some website address.

They’re right there in your hand on your phone for business, pleasure, or otherwise.

This is an actual text message, direct from me to you. The number is my own and you get me because I’m on the other side.

Fat Freedom Moments are written and offered by me, Tiana Dodson, Body Liberation Coach. 

I’m a fat, queer, biracial, parent, and certified holistic health coach who’s out to destroy the belief that you have to be skinny to be happy and healthy.

I’ve been fat my whole life. And with that, negative body image, constant dieting, and the work I’ve done to find my way into partnership with my own body as a base, I guide feminine-of-center people to reconnect with their bodies, destigmatize fatness, and learn about the harms of health being a measure of worth.

I’ve been doing this work and focusing on these issues for the past several years as someone suffering these same anxieties and access limitations. This is what makes me well practiced at finding grace and space in my own life using my  resourcefulness and creativity. Let’s work together to find that for you.

By subscribing with this limited time offer, your weekly Fat Freedom Moment is $8.50 per month (instead of the normal $17… a 50% discount!).

Start when you’re ready. Cancel whenever.

Once you sign up, you’ll get a confirmation email giving you instructions on how to get set up.

It’s easy and quick, and if you get lost or have difficulties just reach out and we’ll be able to help you get what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know this service is for me?

Basically, this is for you if anything I said above totally resonates. But to be more specific:

You know this is for you if you’ve been doing your work around getting dieting out of your life, have an already established practice and support system, but find the idea of getting a weekly boost to your practice would be an awesome help.

If you’re someone who feels that a weekly text message won’t be enough because you often get stuck and need more support, then this might not work well for you. However, I’ve got something that might be a better fit: check out my introductory support community for body liberation, the Fat Freedom Foundation by clicking here.

What if I'm not fat?

Not a problem!

My work is fat-centered, which means that though my message is for any and everyone who wants to work toward body liberation for themselves and others, people in larger bodies and their experience will be given the most attention.

This doesn’t mean you will not get benefit from these messages.

This only means that the experience of fat people will have priority in the messages I’m sharing because making space for the most marginalized of us makes more room for all of us.

I'm in recovery from mental health issues and/or an eating disorder. Is this service safe for me?

First, it’s important for you to know that I am not a mental health or medical professional. I endeavor to stay in my lane and refer out when I am not.

However, this service is intended to deliver you body liberation-related generalized affirmations and practice reminders, not individual coaching. What you do with the notes is up to you, which means that I am giving you the runway and trust to take care of yourself.

If you have specific questions, email me at tiana@tianadodson.com. Let’s chat.

What kind of accessibility options are offered?

All messages will be delivered via text message. Occasionally, you may receive a photo or voice note. In those cases, I will try my best to include links to either image descriptions or transcripts.

If you need additional support, or have ideas on how to make this service more accessible, please let me know by emailing me at tiana@tianadodson.com.

What happens if I reply to the messages?

I get them! laughing

I’ll always be happy to read your responses and reactions, but remember that this service is not a substitute for individual coaching. If you find yourself needing more support than you are getting from these messages, then you can always check out my introductory support community for body liberation, the Fat Freedom Foundation by clicking here.

Also, just to let you know that though your responses go directly to my business phone number, they may be read by a member of my team.

What if I sign up for this service but never receive any text messages?

Your Fat Freedom Moment welcome message will be sent to your shortly after you confirm subscription to the service.

However, if you’ve followed all of the instructions included in your welcome email and are still not receiving messages, then please contact us by email at support@tianadodson.com and we’ll look into it.

Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

What happens if I get overage charges by receiving these messages?

By subscribing to this service, you understand and are consenting to receive text messages and email communications from Tiana Dodson. Any overage charges incurred by you for the receipt of these messages is your own and not the responsibility of Tiana Dodson.

You can cancel the service at any time by either notifying us by email at support@tianadodson.com or by responding to one of our text messages with the opt out code included in every message.

What is your refund policy?

I deal with the question of refunds on an individual basis. If you have further questions, please email me at tiana@tianadodson.com.

I have a question that wasn't answered here. Help!

Still got questions? No problem! Send me an email at tiana@tianadodson.com. Let’s chat!