What if…

You were just as happy, fulfilled, lovable, and capable when you’re fat as you imagine you would be in your wildest fantasies of being thin?

What if diets failed not because you don’t have the willpower to make them work, but because they are specifically designed to fail?

What if you could start living your best life without ever losing a pound?

You totally can.

Join me in this conversation about the ways that we keep ourselves living small lives because of the “rules” that the diet industry gives us when we don’t have to.

Why? Because understanding the lies is the first step toward body liberation. And I want that for you.

During our conversation, I’ll unpack five of the biggest diet lies that keep people from living their best, most abundant lives, including:

“I have to wait until I’m thin to live my life.”
“Diets fail because I don’t have enough willpower.”
“Being overweight = being unhealthy.”
“It’s just calories in/calories out. Just eat less and exercise more.”
“I’ll be a better person when I’m thin.”

It’s my own particular pushback against all the New Year’s resolutions focused on making your body smaller.

Loved what you just saw and want more?

Then you’re in luck! Because right now, I’m bringing together a group of people of all sizes interested in community care and getting free from bodily oppression based on size and health status, among other things.

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