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If you are interested in, excited by, or resonating with my work and want to dig in with me on your own body liberation journey, below you’ll find a number of ways we can work together.

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One-on-One Coaching

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What is coaching?


Coaching can be defined as a relationship where a more experienced person provides guidance and support to another person that will help them achieve specific goals. When you work with me in this capacity, you get exclusive access to my years of knowledge and experience. Together, we will find ways for you to move forward in your journey toward body liberation that take into account your personal experiences, lifestyle, situation, needs, and desires.

For me, the most important element of coaching is the relationship part.

What does coaching with me look like?


A typical session with me starts with a check in where you can share what’s up with you. Generally, this is where we pull our session focus from, while also building on and folding in other topics we’ve touched on in previous sessions. Together, we decide on actions and practices for you to try out in between sessions.

Because I have no specific agenda for my sessions and coaching program, they are totally tailored to you and your needs in the moment, in service of your personal goals.

How do we get started with coaching together?


I view coaching as a relationship. What that means is that my experience has shown that one-on-one coaching is more effective when we already know and are comfortable with each other, and have a basic bond of trust. Thus, if you find yourself interested in engaging with me as a coaching client, I would like to invite you to join me in the Fat Freedom Group Read community space.

While there, you’ll get a good preview of what it’s like to work with me, and also get a chance to become a member of a fat-centered support community as well!

Got questions? Then click here to send me an email and ask away!

Fat Freedom Moments

Not interested in individual coaching but still want support?

Sometimes there isn’t need or capacity for something as intimate as coaching. But for those who still want at least a *little* support, I’ve got something for you too.

I invite you to check out the Fat Freedom Moments text messaging service. You’ll receive weekly body liberation reminders direct to your mobile phone.

Liberation and Solidarity Virtual Retreat

Are you a Helping Professional?

If you’re a helping professional and looking for coaching/consulting around how to be a better ally to your marginalized clients, then you should check out the Liberation and Solidarity Virtual Retreat.


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What is group coaching?


Group coaching is a communal kind of coaching where you reap the benefits of interaction with others doing the same work. Participating in these types of community spaces benefits you by providing you with support similar to what you would get in one-on-one coaching, but has the added benefit of affirming you in the knowledge that you are not alone.

How do I get started with group coaching?


If you’re interested in checking out group coaching, I have a couple of options for you.

  • My first space is for folks who are newer to the journey toward body liberation and are looking for support. If that’s you, then click here to learn more about the Fat Freedom Foundation community space.

  • If you’re not a beginner and still want a learning space to help you deepen your body liberation work, then the Fat Freedom Practice Space is probably for you.

Got questions? Then click here to send me an email and ask away!

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Not interested in ongoing coaching but still want to be in community?

You might find the Fat Freedom Group Read a great opportunity to move forward on your body liberation journey while also engaging in fat-centered community building.

Self-Study Courses

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What are self-study courses?


Self-study courses are programs I’ve created that are delivered via email or download that allow you to engage with my work at your own pace.

If you aren’t quite ready to dive into the work in a more active way and want to dip your toes in slowly and gently, these are a great way to do that.

Interested? Then click here to check out my Shop and see what self-study courses are available!

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Coming soon: The Stacks, self-paced facilitated reading!

Starting shortly, there will be a subscription tier for the Fat Freedom Group Read that will give you the opportunity to access the archives of past Group Reads.

You’ll receive the same accountability-boosting, question-filled emails that will help you stay on track with your reading while offering you prompts to better digest the text. Plus, you’ll also get access to a private podcast where I share my takes on the reading.

All at your own pace!

Speaking and Guest Teaching

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Are you interested in having me come speak to your group, class, or audience?


I’m all in! Education is the first step of my 4-Step Framework, so I’m a big fan of taking my work into new spaces where I can teach and facilitate. I’ve had the pleasure of being invited to create talks for several different venues online and have even led in-person workshops. Below, you can find a list of talks I have previously delivered:

  • Fatness, Body Image, and the Healthist Gaze

    • This talk defines healthism as an oppressive system, highlights its very real negative effects, and then offers options for moving forward
  • Dear Provider, I’m Fat and Sick. Can I Trust You to Treat Me?

    • In this talk, I share my experiences with medical providers, break down what made them unsuccessful, and offer strategies to create more inclusive spaces for fat folks based on my own lived experience
  • Naming the “Until” That is Holding You Hostage

    • This talk, developed specifically for the business community, discusses how oppressive systems, such as weight stigma, affect their ability to show up and leaves them with ideas for how to begin interrogating their conditioning

Don’t see a talk that would work for your thing? No problem! I’m open to developing a talk that is tailored to your event or group.

Want to book me or learn more? Then click here to contact me by email!

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Wanna join me on the podcast?

Awesome! Then click here to contact me by email and let me know more about what parts of living your best fat life you’d like to discuss on air!